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1. How you touch people with your singing [how you phrase musically] Min: 1:50-5:00
2. Finally be understood by vivid articulation [Secrets 4 clear articulation] Min: 5:00-7:50
3. Never again perform boringly [what to do when repeating a text] Min: 7:50-9:15
4. Long tones beautifully designed [long tones designed] Min: 9:15-10:50
5. Convincing with a sonorous voice [Using dynamics correctly] Min: 10:50-11:30
6. High tones easily and freely sung [High tones, more easily sung] Min: 11:30-12:45
7. Musicality that goes to the heart [Connection of phrases] Min: 12:45-15:20

In the video, the volumes of the speaking and singing voices are adjusted to each other to give you the best possible usability of the Video. A trained voice carries very far and has a great presence even if you sing piano. I have emphasized the speaking voice and maintained the dynamics of the singing.

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