Can you learn to sing online?

Singing lessons online

Every person is individual – singing lessons online take this into account.
Voices are very individual. So even a good singing teacher should individually respond to his pupil. Nevertheless I experience again and again that many singing teachers „somehow“ teach and let their sheep sing through and let singing exercises sing up and down. In the worst case, students are labelled talent free or the potential is low. However, this cannot be true! Perhaps someone takes much longer, but from a physiognomic point of view everyone can learn to sing beautifully and fully; I have been able to prove this countless times. So my mission is to spread this message throughout the German-speaking world. An online singing workshop was needed! For a very long time I have been thinking about how I can teach singing online to people through singing lessons and at the same time take into account that voices are individual.
A holistic understanding of your voice
Honestly: If you really want to become a singer, you need an individual vocal coach. The online vocal workshop can help you gain an overall understanding of the voice. From many years of teaching experience and by working with different voice types, I have created a kind of „practical lexicon for the voice“ for you in the form of a video course; with exercises that have worked several times on living people. Through practical guidance you will discover your voice and can make great progress in self-study.
For different aspects such as „connection to the body“, „jaw/lips“, „breaks in the voice“, „piano“, „high tones“ etc. different exercises are available to you, so that you can discover individually which exercises suit you best and above all you learn to understand why which exercises are so useful.

Theoretical background knowledge about the singing exercises is very important. Explanations in a workshop that promises to learn to sing online are therefore essential. The more important it is not just to „go through“ the exercises and believe that you can learn to sing online.
A meaningful structure so that singing lessons make sense online
Although the course is taught in individual lessons, it is always important to apply the things you learned in the previous lesson. (Don’t worry, I remind you regularly. ) For example, when we learn to sing piano, we have to take into account posture, ground contact, proper breathing and how to deal with tension in the body. This is possible if you have made such abilities a habit by diligently practicing them. (Or put it in your cerebellum together with your driver’s license and tie your shoes. ) So if you want to learn to sing online on your own, you need the necessary discipline to be your own teacher who also says „Stop, again!
singing lessons online or singing online and will of course be fun with me! This does not mean that you can do exercises on the couch while watching TV and dislocate your neck. You’ll be challenged a little more. For it is above all the progress in the sound of the voice that gives the most pleasure!